According to the Times Union, the death of a little 11 year old girl has led a family to file for a wrongful death claim against a Florida resort where they were staying. Ashton Jojo and her family were at the resort playing a game of miniature golf for a fundraiser when the young girl’s ball went into the little pond on the course. Little did she know that when she reached her hand into the water to grab the ball, that she wouldn’t live to finish her game of golf with her family.

The resort is being sued for negligence for illegally installing an unsafe electrical water pump into the golf course. Apparently the many repairs made to the electrical system were poorly done, and because of these faulty repairs the system was unsafe for water. Even though this resort is a multibillion dollar business, they hired an employee to do electrical work who was not properly certified and they accomplish the tasks without having any safety inspections done afterwards.

As a result of this billion dollar resort’s attempt to save a few pennies, a little girl will not be able to grow up and experience life, and her family will forever have to life with the fact that their daughter died on vacation. Ashton, thinking that she was to retrieve her lost ball, reached her hand into the water only to be electrocuted by the electrical current flowing through the little pond. While people around tried to come to her aid and have themselves electrocuted trying to save her, her life was lost.

Though her family can never have their daughter returned to them, they are seeking financial compensation from the family for what happened to her, and they are seeking $27 million for their pain and suffering. If you or someone you know has lost a loved one because of the negligence of another person, contact Weinstein & Scharf today for a personal injury attorney who can represent your case!