2 Animal Parks To Visit In Fort Lauderdale, FL

Places To Visit If You’re An Animal Lover In Fort Lauderdale, FL

In Fort Lauderdale, FL, there are many different animal-related places that you can visit. If you are a fan of animals, you will enjoy the different animal parks that they have in the city. You can enjoy these parks no matter what your age is as they are designed for all types of people. Click here for facts about  Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Two animal parks that you can visit while in Fort Lauderdale, FL include:

  • Jungle Queen Tropical Isle

  • Animal EDventure Park

Jungle Queen Tropical Isle

At Jungle Queen Tropical Isle, there are many things you can do when it comes to animals. To visit this animal park, you can take the tropical isle cruise where you can see all types of animals up close, and even take pictures with them! The types of animals here include alligators, lemurs, monkeys, and exotic birds. Read about 2 Restaurants That Serve American Food In Fort Lauderdale, FL here.

Animal EDventure Park

Animal EDventure Park is a great place to go if you are looking for a fun animal park for the family within the city of Fort Lauderdale. In this animal park, they love to rescue and care for animals. One of their main goals is to educate people about the types of animals they care for.