2 Fun Parks That You Can Visit While In Fort Lauderdale, FL

Exciting Parks To Visit In Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you are a fan of visiting parks that have a lot of room for activities, there are plenty of parks for you to visit in Fort Lauderdale, FL. With parks being a great place for kids, families, teens, dogs, and even adults, everyone can enjoy visiting these parks on the list! Discover more about Fort Lauderdale, FL here.

Two fun parks that you can visit in Fort Lauderdale include:

  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

  • Holiday Park

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is a state park that is located in Fort Lauderdale. This park charges a fee of $6 per vehicle and is open from 8 AM until sundown. With all types of things to experience and enjoy at this park, you will never get bored. Information about 2 Music Festivals To Visit In Fort Lauderdale, FL can be found here. 

Holiday Park

Holiday Park is a large park that has all types of areas specifically made for certain sports and activities. Some of the areas at this park include a recreational center, playground, picnic area, sporting fields, and courts & rinks. With all of these features, this park can be utilized all day long by your family and you will never run out of things to do!