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Fort Lauderdale Defective Product Lawyer

Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Compensation for a personal injury suffered from a defective product can be awarded to pay for your stay in a hospital, doctor visits and related medical bills, lost wages (both now and in the future) and your pain and suffering. The compensation in your case is based upon the specifics of your damages, including the extent and seriousness of your injuries. It may also depend on the experience and dedication of the personal injury attorney who takes on your case. The legal team at Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. has 86 combined years of experience in successfully helping people like you when they have been injured through no fault of their own. In the field of personal injury law, as in many other professions, experience does count. We bring a committed and seasoned team to your case that is ready to go to work on your behalf.

Defective ProductStatistics

People are injured by a variety of defective products every day across America. The statistics are very high and surprising:

  • Product liability cases have the second highest median damage awards next to medical malpractice cases
  • In 2006, the number of toy-related injuries totaled 220,500
  • Every year, about 3 million Americans are injured and 20,000 are killed as the result of defective products
  • About 7% of personal injury cases involve product liability

People can be seriously injured by products when design flaws, manufacturing defects or improper labeling occurs. Also, sometimes a product does not undergo the testing it should before being released on the market or a store does not safeguard the product so that it arrives safely into the hands of a consumer. When an individual is harmed by a defective product, not only can he/she face much physical pain and emotional suffering, the victim can also suffer from lost wages and high medical bills/ongoing treatment. Sometimes an individual is even permanently disabled. When this occurs, the party that is culpable must be held responsible!

There is no limit to defective products - they could be toys, car seats, strollers, breast implants, industrial machines, brakes, hip replacements, tires, prescription drugs or airbags. Did a product explode? Start a fire? Result in lead poisoning? Cause you or your child to choke, suffocate, or result in strangulation? Did it result in a car crash? Or cause you pain when it promised to better your situation? If so, you most likely can file a personal injury claim.

How to File a Product Liability Claim

In order to make a claim and hopefully collect damages, you must show that a product was defective, that you were hurt because of the product's defect(s), and that the manufacturer/seller had a duty to sell you a safe product. Once you have shown this, you have proved that negligence was involved- the grounds that must be proven in order to receive compensation for the injuries you sustained. Besides pursuing a negligence case, you can also file on the grounds of "strict product liability" or a "breach of warrant."

How a Fort Lauderdale Defectie Product Attorney Can Help

A defective product refers to several categories of error that can bring about an injury. Use of substandard material or manufacturing problems can cause a defect in the manufacture of a product. The design of a product can be at issue, making it dangerous no matter how carefully it is used. If instructions on the use of a product are unclear or missing altogether, injury can be the final consequence. In today's world, drugs can be flawed in any of the ways given above, causing injury, illness or wrongful death. Injuries such as cuts, burns, loss of a limb, concussion and others are common in defective product cases.

A person who suffers such injuries may face large medical bills, a loss of wages due to the inability to work and the prospect of future costs relating to the injury. You have rights which need to be protected. One of those rights, as provided for in our state's product liability laws, is the ability to be properly compensated for your injuries. We know the laws and what it takes to produce a favorable conclusion to your case. Contact our firm today to learn about compensation for injuries suffered through the use of a defective product!

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