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Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer

In personal injury cases, establishing negligence is a vital factor with regard to the potential resolution of the injury claim. In legal terms, "negligence" is the word used to describe a type of civil wrong, as opposed to a criminal act that is investigated and charged by a government agency. It differs from just being careless in that a person might be very careful but still not live up to the amount of diligence that they should be using to ensure your safety. A person is negligent if they fall short of what should have reasonably been done to see that you are not harmed.

An example would be the person who has had a bit too much to drink. He or she may have been very careful on their drive home, but the negligent action of drinking too much caused them to have an accident in which they injured someone else. Our task in each case is to prove that someone acted in a negligent manner, bringing about your injury. Once this is proven, the law provides for a recovery of damages so that you can be properly compensated for the harm caused by the injury.

Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. work to help individuals like you who have been injured through another's negligence. We have over 70 years of combined experience and impressive credentials. When you come to see us for an initial consultation, you receive the personalized service you deserve. Each case and every individual deserves our full attention. If your injury was caused through negligence, please consult with a skilled Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney to ensure the best possible outcome is reached in your case.

How Injury Cases Are Won

Our firm works with personal injury victims from car, truck, motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Medical malpractice of various types, dangerous drugs, workers' compensation, premises liability, nursing home abuse, construction accidents and defective products are all covered by our practice. We take on cases involving brain and spinal cord or any catastrophic injury. Cases can be won through a complete familiarity with the law, diligent research and preparation plus the ability to effectively present a case in negotiation or in the court room. We urge you to use a firm that has a proven record of success. Call our firm now to schedule a free consultation with one of our Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys.

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