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Premises Liability Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Were you injured on another's property?

Owners or managers of a property have a responsibility to ensure that their premises are free of safety hazards that might cause injury to guests. For example, homeowners with pools must take reasonable steps to protect visiting children from being harmed while in and around the pool. Similarly, a business or store with a broken staircase, loose tiles or a wet or slipper floor must have warning signs placed around the area to warn visitors of the hazard.

A property owner/manager can be held liable for any injury that takes place on their premises due to a preventable hazard. The only exception to this rule is cases that involve trespassing. Even if an owner/manager is not aware of a safety hazard on the property, it may be argued in court that they should have known about the hazard and taken steps to correct it or warn visitors. If you have suffered injury on someone else's property due to a safety hazard such as:

  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Poor property maintenance
  • Broken facilities (such as stairwells or elevators)
  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Security failures
  • Faulty pool drains, gates and fences
  • Icy sidewalks
  • Improper signage
  • Lack of fencing
  • Falling objects
  • Negligent security

It is advised that you seek the help of a personal injury attorney from our firm who can pursue fair and full compensation for damages on your behalf. Victims can be hurt at any time, anywhere: at airports, amusement parks, construction sites, in or around swimming pools, on porches or decks, at stadiums, etc.

Who was at fault for my injuries?

Before pressing charges, the most important thing to establish is who was at fault? If you were comparatively negligent, it might not be worth the time or the money to press charges. What is comparative negligence? Comparative negligence could be if you tripped on somebody else's property but were not watching where you were going. If however, a property owner simply failed to maintain his property and you hurt yourself on a rough patch of ground, a broken stair, or an exposed nail- you could be able to file charges. A catch exists however- a property owner cannot be held liable for any accident that occurs on his/her place.

While property owners are responsible to protect their visitors and friends, they are not necessarily responsible for trespassers or individuals who enter a property on their own. If you were injured at a store, it is reasonable to assume that a store owner should take necessary precautions to maintain his store- such as cleaning up spills and supplying good security. Before awarding you any damages, if your case is taken to court, a judge/jury will want to first establish why you entered the property, what the property is used for, if the accident could have been foreseen, and if the property owner could have prevented the accident from occurring.

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