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School Bus Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Statistics on School Bus Accidents

When the driver of a school bus drives in a way that is irresponsible or reckless, a serious accident can occur. Statistics show that being injured by a school bus in a major metropolis area like Ft. Lauderdale is very likely to be fatal. Other injuries suffered from school bus accidents include serious friction burns, broken bones, traumatic brain injury and the possibility of a coma. School buses are at higher risk for accidents because they are on the road every day of the school year and they are the biggest type of mass transit in the United States.

Almost 24 million students are transported to and from school or school related activities by nearly half a million school buses. Since the year 1990, 407,000 fatal traffic accidents have occurred in the United States and one third of one percent of these accidents are school bus related. Almost half of all school bus accidents involve impacts to the front end of a school bus. Other types of school bus accidents include left side impacts, rear impacts, right side impacts and non-collisions.

Fort Lauderdale Injury Lawyer: Compassionate Legal Help

If your child has been seriously injured because of negligence on the part of a school bus driver, it is imperative that you contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney who can provide you with legal counsel on what to do. At Weinstein, Scharf & Dubinksy, P.A., we understand the traumatic and emotional time that surrounds a serious accident, and we are committed to help. By providing you with answers to your questions and compassionate legal support, we can make your recovery process less stressful.

Our superior legal team will stop at nothing to help you recover the compensation you deserve for your child's injuries. We have a proven record of recovering high value settlements in serious injury cases and we never back down from a fight. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to investigate the cause of your child's accident and to examine all methods of recovering compensation. With our help, your family can recover from this traumatic experience with the best medical care for your child and peace of mind for all.

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