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Drunk Driving Truck Accidents

Alcohol and Truck Accidents

Large trucks, such as 18-wheelers and delivery vans, are difficult to drive even under perfect road conditions. Their substantial weight and large dimensions require focus and an acute awareness on the part of the driver. When a truck driver operates their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, their ability to focus and remain aware of their surroundings is severely compromised, and the result is often a catastrophic accident in which innocent people are injured or killed. It is not uncommon to see injuries that include broken bones, burns, paralysis, brain damage, and coma.

Drinking and driving, as perpetrated by a truck driver, is considered gross negligence, and can result in the driver and trucking firm being held fully financially responsible for any damages. If you or a loved one has sustained injury in a drunk driving truck accident, a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney can act as an advocate in your pursuit of fair compensation. An attorney will fight on your behalf for the maximum compensation allowable in your case, giving you the chance to cover your accident expenses without suffering personal financial hardship.

Am I entitled to compensation?

Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. helps individuals throughout Fort Lauderdale with all manner of personal injury claims. We have filed a large number of truck accident claims on behalf of clients, and have secured full injury compensation in many cases. We are prepared to provide you with aggressive representation in your case, with the goal of securing a resolution that allows you to take care of your needs and the needs of your loved ones in the aftermath of your accident.

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