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Fort Lauderdale Workers' Compensation Attorney

Injured on the job in Fort Lauderdale?

In our state, nearly all employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. If you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to receive workers' compensation in order to assist you in covering medical costs and lost wages. In exchange for resolving these financial problems, in most cases an employee is not allowed to sue their employer for damages. It is a fine system when it works as designed.

All too commonly the system does not work as planned and it is the employee who suffers the consequences. Workers' compensation claims are routinely denied and the employee does not know their appeal rights or the process of successfully appealing a denial. Many times, an employee does not understand all of the benefits that can be obtained through filing for workers' compensation and so they miss out. Sometimes an employer will purposefully not inform the insurance company of the injury or will try to lessen the seriousness of the injury.

Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. know what to expect from employers and insurance companies on workers' compensation claims and how to effectively ensure that the law is adhered to. Whether it is filing your initial claim or appealing one that has been denied, using a proven Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney will improve your chances of receiving the full financial compensation which is due to you.

Workers' Comp & Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are quite commonly not motivated to pay the full benefits that an employee should receive as it costs them money to do so. When they know that you have an attorney on your side who thoroughly understands the workers' compensation laws and your case, they are more likely to approve your claim. If a claim is denied, an attorney from the firm can start work quickly to get your appeal properly filed.

Construction site accidents, slip and fall injuries, broken bones, burn injuries and many others are just some of the types of workers' comp accidents that can have disastrous consequences. Injuries to the brain or spinal cord can wholly change the course of a person's life. Don't let this happen to you or a loved one, get a team on your side that has just one goal - that you obtain the full workers' compensation benefits to which you are entitled.

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