Common Causes of Slip and Fall

Study shows that every year more than one million American citizens get sent to emergency and accident rooms due to slip and fall. The effects of this type of personal injury differ; some might turn out so severe while others would not need too much attention. Whether you have mild or acute injuries, you need to seek medical attention in the nearest facility. Apart from medical attention, another critical aspect is getting to pursue compensation from the liable persons. For instance, if the incident happened in a mall, both the head of management and the mall owner could be responsible. To avoid getting into a slip and fall, the following are common causes to watch for; More about Fort Lauderdale, FL can be seen here.

Wet Surfaces

Most of the slip and fall cases arise as a result of wet surfaces. It is, therefore, crucial to walk carefully to avoid being a victim. Additionally, someone could trip through a bumpy surface such as jumbled floors and tattered carpets. Click here to read about Types of Personal Injury Cases.

Bad Weather

When it rains, the floors and pavements become slippery, and it would be easy for one to slide and fall. Whenever the weather is unfavorable, you need to put on high-friction shoes and walk carefully.


In recent days, pranksters have emerged, and they do not have limits. Often, pranks would catch you unaware. For example, someone could intentionally spill oil on the floor to make you fall and therein get injured. In case you are caught up in such a situation, file a lawsuit to get the damages payable to you.

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