Auto accidents are never the same as the next. Because of this, the level of damage and injury will differ. Some accidents do minor physical property damage while others completely destroy the vehicles. The same is true for injuries from accidents as well, but what appears as a minor impact can often still result in serious injury.

There are also accidents that do significant physical damage to vehicles where the occupants walk away with no superficial injuries just to have them manifest later as a result of whiplash or internal injury. Accidents come in a wide variety of assortments, which means that all accidents are unique in some aspect. And, those material case facts are often why it is essential to have an experienced Coral Springs auto accident attorney representing your case.

Vehicle Damage

Many times, even a seemingly minor accident can do extensive damage to a vehicle, such as a bent frame. Insurance companies are often quick to declare a vehicle a total loss when applicable, but sometimes the external view of the vehicle does not match underneath damage. Accidents involving repairable vehicles can be even more difficult than total accidents, but your accident attorney can ensure that damages are paid in accordance with policy coverage.

Minor Accident Injuries

The primary difference in auto accident fallout is the level of injuries sustained by all automobile occupants. Minor accident injuries will typically be those that can be rehabilitated relatively easy in a short amount of time. The problem is that injuries that appear to be typical and reparable can still be injuries that leave lifetime impact, which means that being compensated equitably by the respondent insurance company could be a difficult negotiation.

Having an experienced accident attorney who is focused on full compensation can be the difference between being properly reimbursed or receiving a low-ball settlement from the insurance company when handling the claim personally.

Serious Accident Injuries

Serious accidents often include multiple vehicles and occur at high impact speeds. They can also include commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers or placarded tanker trucks. These accidents commonly produce very serious and even catastrophic injuries, including fatalities, and receiving whole compensation always requires the expertise of an experienced auto accident attorney who can investigate the accident for all avenues of compensation. The general damage component of a serious injury settlement is normally the most valuable to the injured party, and solid representation means you have a professional negotiator handling your claim that can include multiple negligent parties.

Regardless of the level of injury suffered in an accident, it is always best to retain a Coral Springs accident attorney who understands the tactics of insurance providers and can craft your claim for full compensation. Anyone involved in an accident should contact Coral Springs auto accident attorney Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. for a no-fee full evaluation of your accident claim potential.

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