When you call a medical team to come to you aid, you should expect to have a caring and dedicated team at your side quickly. Medical teams should be knowledgeable and understand how to best help the situation at hand. For Nancy Jane McGhee, an inexperienced and uncaring medical team brought on an unnecessary death. According to the reports, McGhee was having dinner with her boyfriend when a piece of steak was caught in her throat. She started choking, and her boyfriend called an emergency medical team to come and try to save her. The accident happened in March of 2007. The dispatcher on the phone line could not provide McGhee’s boyfriend with instructions regarding how he could help her to dislodge the piece of steak from her throat. As a result, she choked to death in her home in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

After the devastating death, McGhee’s family took up a lawsuit against the Pasco County Department of Emergency Services. The Tampa Tribune reports that the family claims that the emergency services team was negligent because the dispatcher couldn’t even give information about how to deal with a choking accident. The emergency services entity reached an agreement in principal in mid-December regarding the death and the manner in which the boyfriend’s 911 call was handled. An attorney who represented the McGhees says that it was a devastating and difficult case, but he believes that this lawsuit will help to keep the emergency services team accountable for their actions.

The emergency medical team and the dispatchers will pay the McGhee’s $75,000 in compensation. Most of the money will go to McGhee’s one adult daughter and her three children who are minors. The money will be paid from a professional negligence insurance policy, and will need to be approved by the county commissioners before it can be put into practice. If you want more information about suing an emergency rescue team for their failure to respond properly, then you need to talk to an attorney at Weinstein & Scharf for more information.

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