Experience the Unique Hotel Industry in Broward Estates 

Broward Estate is a designated neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. The neighborhood is in Broward County in Florida. The population of Broward Estate is about 3,500 people. This neighborhood is commonly referred to as Parkway by the residents. Living in this neighborhood gives one a mixture of urban and suburban experience. The proximity of the neighborhood to popular hotels makes it an ideal place for enthusiasts of the hotel business. Here are some popular hotels near this neighborhood. Information can be found here.

Plantation Inn Hotel and Lounge

 This 3-floor budget hotel is a few minutes from Broward estates. Visitors to this hotel get time to attend events and festivals held in the neighborhood. The hotel offers serene rooms with accompanied services such as breakfast offers. See here for information about Experience A Unique Nightlife in Melrose Park.

Sheraton Suites 

This hotel is part of many others owned by Sheraton Hotels around the world. Located a few minutes from the neighborhood, this hotel offers the best accommodation services. It has amenities such as an external pool and ample parking space.

Days Inn

Enjoy wonderful meals and serene rooms at this hotel. The hotel is located close to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Also, the hotel has a beautiful external pool and offers free breakfast for visitors.

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