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Types of Defective Products

Product liability usually comes about in three different ways. If there are inadequate warnings, a manufacturing defect or a design defect, these can lead to dangerous and defective products. Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers can be held responsible for product liability if you have suffered a personal injury through the use of the item in question. The design of the item may have been inherently unsafe or the manufacturer could have used sub-standard or unsafe materials. Almost on a daily basis we hear of product recalls based on the negligence of designers and manufacturers. This can include items such as cars, seat belts, cribs, children’s toys, tires, medication, etc. In the worst case, you may have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one through the use of a defective product. Call a skilled Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer if you feel that you were the victim of a defective product in order to ensure that you have the best legal guidance and representation!

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Product Liability Attorney

Thorough investigation and preparation must take place before a product liability case can be successful. There are many aspects of the law that must be understood and skilled applications of those laws are a must. Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. have over 70 years of combined experience protecting the rights of consumers and fighting for fair compensation in the event that injury or death occurred through the use of a manufacturer’s dangerous product.

Car, truck, bicycle and motorcycle accidents can occur through the use of a dangerous product as well as slip and fall accidents and workplace injuries. Demanding those that are responsible for causing your injuries are held liable is not just “about the money.” It is also about preventing the same injuries from happening to another.

Car Accidents

With an experienced and seasoned Ft. Lauderdale car accident attorney working your personal injury case, justice can be served.

Property Damage

Having the right representation is important and a lawyer can help you pursue damages after an auto accident and help you get back on your feet.

Loss of Use

At Weinstein & Scharf, P.A., our legal team has over 70 years of combined experience, and we have recovered millions in damages.

Diminished Value

Although you may be entitled to receive damages, it can be tough to know for sure. An experienced attorney can help you decide.

Truck Accident

If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, it is important that you consult with and retain an experienced attorney.

Dog Bites

Here at Weinstein & Scharf, P.A., we believe that you should be compensated for any medical bills related to the dog bite.

Motorcycle Accidents

When a car and a motorcycle collide, the motorcyclist is at an immediate disadvantage due to the lack of protection provided by their bike. 

Slip & Fall

There is no need to ignore a slip and fall accident. Property owners, employees and caregivers have a responsibility to see to the reasonable safety..

Negligent Security

Negligent security occurs when an individual is hurt in public and on somebody else’s property. It is considered negligent security

Uninsured Motorist

If a driver does not have insurance and there has been an accident, there are various routes that can be taken in order to resolve the situation. 

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death attorney is needed when you believe that a friend or family member has died due to someone else’s negligence.

Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to medical malpractice or negligence in Florida, then your best chance of receiving the compensation

Boating Accidents

If you or a loved one has been injured in a boat accident, it is important that you engage the services of a legal professional from our firm

Nursing Home Abuse

The mistreatment of nursing home residents can occur when staff members engage in elder abuse on a resident in the nursing home.

Bicycle Accident

After seeking medical care when you have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact one of Weinstein & Scharf’s bicycle accident attorneys.

The nature of product liability cases are complex and should not be entrusted to an inexperienced attorney. Contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney today.