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Healthcare Surrogate Preparation

There are key plans that should be put in place when preparing for your future as well as your passing. Although healthcare providers and/or retirement accounts may be on the top of the list of concerns as one ages, there are other things that should be taken just as seriously. Designating a healthcare surrogate should be just as important as deciding the right team of doctors you trust for your medical needs. A healthcare surrogate will be able to represent you and make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself. The designated person should be someone who is well versed in the patient’s medical preferences, such as views on life support or whether or not the patient is an organ donor. There should be trust and assurance between the surrogate and the patient in that these decisions will be honored in the absence of the patient’s ability to speak for themselves. The Designation of Health Care Surrogate is a legal form that documents who the appointed person will be and will go in your medical records to ensure your medical providers are aware. An attorney will be able to assist you in completing this form correctly and make sure all necessary details are documented.

How To Learn More About What It Means To Be A Healthcare Surrogate

Any capable adult has the right to create an advance directive known as a health care surrogate designation. In the state of Florida, there are two main sources to consider when seeking knowledge regarding this advance directive Florida form. The first sought after information relevant to completing this document has been legally approved by the Florida State Senate located within Title XLIV, Chapter 765. There are detailed laws within this document relevant to advance directives for Florida with Part II giving lawful meaning to the healthcare surrogate and Part IV detailing the legal scenario which occurs in the absence of an advance directive in Florida. The second source of learning about patient’s rights in Florida and how to protect medical care decisions in the absence of your ability to do so is The Florida Healthcare Association. One of the topics of focus is elderly care. Their information will be useful to a healthcare surrogate because this person will also be given the right to retain healthcare assistance through Medicaid/Medicare and/or appoint healthcare facilities to provide these services.

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