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Why You Need a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial Closing Attorney In Fort Lauderdale

If you’re considering buying or selling property for your business, a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate closing attorney can help with any commercial real estate closing as there are a number of legal documents and requirements that need to be completed in order to close the deal. With commercial real estate closings, they are much more complex and complicated compared to residential real estate closings. The documentation for a commercial closing is highly specific and detailed which leads to more room for error if the documents are not prepared appropriately. Commercial real estate transactions require a thorough understanding of business and real estate law, real estate transactions and financial and tax issues.

What Services Does A Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Closing Attorney Provide?

Your commercial real estate closing attorney provides assistance during every aspect of the commercial closing process. Some examples of what your commercial real estate lawyer provides you with include:

  • Generating the appropriate commercial closing documents
  • Creating environmental reports
  • Real estate contracts
  • Reviewing loan documentation
  • Providing appraisals and survey requirements
  • Title search, title issuing and title insurance
  • Financing
  • Zoning Laws

Why A Title Search Is Important

Your attorney will provide a thorough title search of the commercial property. A title search for a commercial building shows who has owned the building, the sale history, and any outstanding liens. You need to know if old liens have not been settled, and you may need to research any people who could have inherited the building in the past. Your attorney will let you know if any problems are present and how to resolve them if they are.

The Importance of a Commercial Real Estate Attorney Reviewing Your Contract

You should always have a commercial real estate attorney review your contract for any commercial real estate closing. The contract should include good faith money for the sale, any repairs the seller must complete, and a full inspection of the building. Your contract should include the sale price and any other provisions that are important to be documented.

In certain circumstances, your commercial closing attorney might ask the seller to pay for their portion of the property taxes. The seller might need to move out at a certain time, or you may have a deadline for your move-in. Whatever unique circumstance that you may have, your Fort Lauderdale closing attorney can write and review the contract to ensure that all agreed terms are included on the contract.

Your Attorney Can Check Any Special Zoning Laws Or Local Statutes

When you hire a commercial real estate attorney, they check on any zoning rules or statutes that could affect the way you use the building. There might be instances where the buyer does not have the resources or money to manage the building properly, or they might want to challenge the zoning ordinances of the building. Whatever the case may be, your commercial real estate attorney is here to help you understand the zoning laws. Understanding zoning laws that are in place and the types of development options your property offers makes it easier to find a buyer if and when you decide to sell your commercial property in the future.

Your Commercial Closing Lawyer Can Negotiate The Price Of The Building

Your lawyer can negotiate the price of the building on your behalf. You may not know how to get the right price for the building, or you may not have the information needed to negotiate the price. Because your commercial real estate lawyer will complete the contract for the building, they can negotiate a price that they will add to the contract.

Work With The Best Commercial Real Estate Agent In Broward County

When you are looking for a real estate closing attorney, you want to work with someone who will help you in the entire commercial closing process. This includes negotiating the sale of the building, writing your contracts, and researching the title for the building. Contact our commercial real estate closing lawyers at Weinstein & Scharf to let our experience and expertise help you close the deal!