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Title Insurance LawyerAre you currently looking to purchase a new residential home or purchasing commercial real estate in Broward County? While buying a new home or commercial property is an exciting endeavor, there are a lot of moving parts and paperwork to complete during this process. The buyer is taking on risk when purchasing a property. To help mitigate this risk, most Florida buyers buy title insurance when purchasing a new property to protect themselves from title defects. Title defects can cause the property to be unusable or unable to be sold.

Getting title insurance begins with a thorough search of the property’s records to determine if there are any liens against it. Title insurance is put in place to help protect you. The best way to protect yourself against title claims is to make sure you have a leading Florida title insurance attorney perform your search of the property’s records to determine if there are any liens against it and then help construct your title insurance policy. In addition, your title insurance attorney can also play an essential role during the closing by making sure you receive any appropriate credits along with reviewing the documents prior to you signing.

Understanding Title Defects That Title Insurance Covers

In the state of Florida, when a seller transfers a title to the buyer, it is documented in a deed that is recorded by the county. A title defect is any issue that affects the purchase or sale of the property therefore causing a negative impact of the title. Title defects can be unexpected and can be a very serious and costly situation.

Some common Broward County title defect examples our attorneys have seen would include forged deeds, prior transfers not being recorded, adverse possession, inadequate property or legal description, lack of legal authority to transfer the title, or an undisclosed or unsatisfied mortgage or lien.

In situations where your title insurance company denies your claim you filed or if they do not provide a fair settlement to the claim you should immediately contact a title insurance lawyer. Our Fort Lauderdale title insurance attorneys can provide legal assistance to help you recover the financial damages you have suffered from a title defect.

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