Hit and Run Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Seeking Justice as a Victim

Hit and run accidents are more common in Fort Lauderdale than you might think. The ballpark figures for hit and run accidents have remained steady since 2015. The fact that these statistics are not dropping is a frightening reality. Hiring an accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can help you seek financial compensation for you or your loved one. It is considered a felony under Florida law to leave the scene of an accident or crash. In 2015, studies showed that most hit and run drivers were men ranging from eighteen to twenty five in age. Seventy percent of men are written hit and run citations in the state of Florida every year.  See more here.

How to Seek Justice

Consult with an accident attorney to see if you have a legal case on your hands. If you do, you can start gathering information about the accident and your health issues. A lawyer can give you advice about resources you can utilize to benefit your case. See here for information about Should I File a Personal Injury Claim.

Criminal Charges

Not all hit and run cases involve criminal charges for the driver. Even if the driver faces legal consequences, they still have to pay for your injuries. 

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