Hit and Run Accident Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Dealing with Sensitive Cases

There are many accident cases that require finesse and sensitivity. Hit and run accident cases are an example of such accidents. Hit and runs take place when a victim is struck by an automobile that doesn’t stop to take responsibility. The driver of the car hits the victim and keeps on driving away like nothing ever happened. These cases can result in serious injury, and in some cases, death. Hit and run victims can lay in the road or street for hours before they are found by someone else. If this has happened to you or someone you know, you should reach out to an accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. More can be found here.

Hit and Run Statistics

There are thousands of hit and run accidents in Fort Lauderdale every single year. In 2015, there were more than ninety thousand hit and run accidents reported. Think about how many accidents were not reported. The statistics are staggering and frightening. One out of every four accidents involving pedestrians results in a driver leaving the accident scene. Learn more about Seeking Financial Compensation with an Accident Attorney.

More Facts to Consider

Eighty percent of hit and run crashes only cause minor vehicle damage. This is one reason why these crimes are easy to deny. 

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