Accident Attorneys-Spinal Cord injuries

In the United States, nearly 200,000 people suffer from spinal cord injuries. Most of the reported cases of spinal cord injury correspond to victims of auto accidents; nevertheless, a great number of injuries are also caused by falls. The victim may undergo great pain and the consequences it brings: loss of income, expensive treatments and medications, damages and the inability to work during a lifetime. The spinal cord is formed by a bundle of nerves from the base of the brain down the back. What surround the spinal cord are vertebrae commonly known as the backbone. Therefore, if the spinal vertebrae are broken, the spinal cord itself gets injured. Usually, the nerves above the injury keep functioning correctly, but the nerves located below the injury won’t. When a person has no feeling or voluntary movement on either side of the body, he/she is suffering from a complete injury. An incomplete injury takes place when the partial movement is intact. An injured spinal cord has dreadful consequences over the entire body; the blood pressure, sexual functions, bowel and bladder control, pain levels, body temperatures and normal functions as walking are affected. Currently, there are no cures for spinal cord injuries. Therefore, treatments and medication only serve to relieve pain and to prevent further injuries. When filing a lawsuit for spinal cord injuries, the victim must try to find an experienced attorney. If you have been a victim of a spinal cord injury, do not hesitate to look for professional legal help. An experienced and specialized attorney will guide you through a successful litigation process. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident in Coral Springs or the surrounding areas, call thecar accident lawyers of Weinstein & Scharf inCoral Springs at (866) 599-5529. The law offices of Weinstein & Scharf also handle pedestrianaccidents, truckaccidents, andmotorcycleaccidents in cities such as Lake Worth, Lantana, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Margate, Pompano Beachand Fort Lauderdale. The Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers andattorneys take pride in serving citizens throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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