Lawmakers Seek to Ban Texting While Driving

A substantial percentage of the car accidents that occur today are caused by drivers who are texting while driving, and Democratic lawmakers are now calling for states to ban texting while driving. The lawmakers are threatening cuts in highway funds in an effort to highlight the importance of reducing driver distraction and the deaths and injuries that are caused by texting drivers.

The lawmaker's proposal follows a series of studies by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute that illustrated the dangers of operating handheld electronic devices like cellphones and iPods while driving. Most importantly, the study showed that drivers of commercial trucks who texted had a collision risk that was 23 times greater than drivers who did not text. This comes as no surprise, especially when you consider that talking on the phone or even reaching for an electronic device can increase your chance of a wreck by six times. To learn more about how you can seek compensation for an accident that was caused by a distracted driver, call a personal injury attorney at our firm.