Fees for Auto Accidents

According to the CBS4 Eyeteam, "a South Florida community is charging people fees for getting into a motor vehicle accident. It's part of a growing trend, both in Florida and around the country. Supporters say it helps with the tight budgets from tough economic times, but others are calling it a "double tax."
When the call goes in for Hialeah Fire Rescue to rush to an accident scene, the person responsible for the accident will pay in more ways than one. Faced with higher costs and tighter budgets, Hialeah Fire started charging motor vehicle accident fees in 2006.

A crash with no injuries will cost the at-fault driver $435. When hand tools are used to pull someone from a car and they go to the hospital by ambulance, the fee jumps to $650. If the Jaws of Life are used to pry someone from a vehicle, it will cost $1,800 and if a helicopter landing zone is needed, the fee can top $2,100.
All those fees are charged to the person's auto insurance company. In the premiums you pay for auto insurance, there are provisions to pay for motor vehicle accidents that rightfully the fire department can collect. In some places across the U.S.A., there is an outpouring of people beginning to dispute that view; the fees have even been lampooned by famous comedian Jay Leno."

As accident attorneys, we have represented many injured people over the past 27 years. We are proud to say that we have helped most of our clients recover money for their injuries.