Driver convicted of DUI in deaths of two in Boca Raton

Reported by the Sun Sentinel, jurors late last Wednesday convicted Edwin Perez of two counts of DUI manslaughter in the deaths of two 23 year olds, and additional felonies for serious injuries suffered by passengers in their car.

Perez, who faces up to possible life in prison, was handcuffed and taken into custody to await sentencing at a later date with every eye in the courtroom gallery, filled with the women’s relatives and friends, watching.

Blood tests revealed that Perez had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of .12 just over an hour after the 2:00 a.m. crash.

Under state sentencing guidelines, if convicted as charged, Perez would face between 28 and 40 years in prison.

The prosecutor contended he must have drank ten to 11 beers that night, and also argued that witnesses testified as to how Perez was speeding along Palmetto Park Road prior to the crash, at one point veering off onto the grassy swale to weave around cars. Impaired, he incorrectly gauged his ability to make it through a stop light he could see from 1,400 feet away. Perez told police he “blew the light” and tried to stop before T-boning the other vehicle. Perez was driving 62 miles per hour, and the victims’ vehicle, 11 miles per hour.