13 Lawsuits Against the State of Florida for Deaths in Major Highway Accident

Motor vehicles are a dangerous method of transportation that the general population relies on daily whether it is driving to work or taking the kids to school or anything else. Unfortunately with so many cars on the road today, car and truck accidents are continually on the rise; a number of reasons being the possible cause of an accident. Drunk drivers who irresponsibly get behind the wheel and lose control and hit another vehicle, a tire blows out and a family crashes, a driver is texting or otherwise distracted, you name it; victims are getting hurt or killed on the road daily by these powerful machines and the people who drive them.

Sadly, accidents happen because of weather as well, and this was the case for those in Tallahassee, Florida this past January. A series of accidents on the road that lead to the death of 11 victims and the hospitalization of 18 others was caused by the unsafe road conditions caused by a mixture of fog and smoke. Reports share that the Florida Highway Patrol made a huge mistake by reopening the road too early after it was closed down because of the danger of the dense fog and smoke. They apparently reopened the road 30 minutes too soon, and not long after the deadly crash occurred. As a result of the considered negligence of the Florida law enforcement, over a dozen lawsuits have been filed against the state on behalf of these victims who did not service the crashes on Interstate 75 that sad January day.

Car accidents bring up horrible memories for so many who have lost loved ones because of the recklessness of another driver on the road. In this case, the poor decisions of the law enforcement led the many lives lost on the road because they could not see where they were traveling to. If you or someone you know has lost a loved one or they have been seriously injured in a car accident, don’t wait another moment to take action. Contact Weinstein & Scharf today for a personal injury attorney that they deserve!