Honda Accused of Lying About Hybrid Gas Mileage

In a recent case in California, a lawsuit was brought against Honda regarding misrepresentation of their Civic hybrid vehicle. They had stated that the car could average at 50 miles per gallon, yet one owner found that her car only averaged at 30 miles per gallon. In small claims court, H.P. was given $9,867 in damages to make up for the money she had to pay on gas.

H.P. had the option of joining a class action lawsuit as she was not the only one who had been affected, yet she chose to file the case in small claims because she was more likely to get more compensation. However, using this as an example, other Honda hybrid owners may choose to follow her and make claims of their own.

If you have been affected in this way or by another case of misrepresentation, contact a Fort Lauderdale injury attorney from our team. We will fight to get you the maximum compensation.