Expert Witnesses

In our ongoing series regarding defense tactics that good defense attorneys attempt to employ to reduce the Plaintiff's verdict, I would like to discuss defense tactics with respect to Plaintiff's expert witnesses. In most injury cases these days, not only the Plaintiff, but the Defendant, employ experts to testify on various medical, as well as other issues. In particular, the Plaintiff may employ an accident reconstruction specialist regarding how an accident might have occurred. Whether the Plaintiff's expert is an expert on accident reconstruction or medical, it would be improper for the defense to refer to Plaintiff's expert witnesses as "hired guns". This is completely improper and again, implies that the experts are somehow far from impartial in being employed solely by Plaintiff to testify in a certain matter. A good Plaintiff's attorney would, as well, restrict the defense from making their comments by filing the appropriate Motion in Limine as I have suggested in previous blogs.