Plantation Is the Best Neighborhood for Environmentalists in Florida

Plantation is a central Broward neighborhood covering an area of 22 square miles. To the northeast, the neighborhood is bordered by Lauderhill and Sunrise to the north. It lies west of Fort Lauderdale and North of Davie. The land on which Plantation sits was reclaimed between 1855 and 1930 from being part of the Everglades wetlands. Since then, the neighborhood developed an environment-friendly culture over the years. If you are visiting Plantation for study or recreational purposes, here are some environment-themed parks you might visit. Fort Lauderdale, FL can be seen here.

Plantation Central Park

Enjoy a morning run or any other sport within the serene environments of this park. The Plantation Central Park is managed by the government of Broward County. The park offers a variety of sports and environmental lessons for visitors. Although most of the lessons are free, you might be required to pay for one or two. Especially those that require direct attention from a trainer. Information about Popular Daytime Activities for Kids in Coral Springs can be found here.

Tree Tops Park

This park has some of the best nature trails in Florida. The old-growth trees in the park provide a serene environment for the best nature walk or picnic. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of the vast area covered by trees from the watchtower set up.

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