In 1999, a study revealed that nearly 100,000 people died from preventable hospital errors every year in the United States. Today, experts believe that this number is actually closer 440,000 deaths. The original study, “To Err is Human,” by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), lacked the medical research and analysis technology available to doctors today.

In 1999, doctors had significantly less information about deadly hospital errors. Today, IOM estimates that preventable hospital deaths are the third leading cause of death across the nation, next to heart disease and cancer.

According to an article in Forbes, victims of preventable hospital deaths do not die from preexisting conditions; their deaths are the result of medical errors.

For example, a surgeon might accidentally leave a medical sponge inside a patient, leading to severe abdominal pain and dozens of futile tests. This type of mistake could result in a serious infection and death, simply because a medical staff member made a careless mistake.

Medication errors, which account for a large number of medical negligence cases as well, occur when a patient receives the wrong medication or the right medication in the wrong amount. A simple miscalculation could lead to a serious drug overdose and death.

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