Protecting Your Rights with an Accident Attorney

Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyer Benefits

The importance of hiring an accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale cannot be stressed enough. Without an attorney to represent you, the results of your case might not be favorable. A lawyer can help sway the opposition to agree to a settlement. It might be difficult to accomplish the same thing without an expert. Based solely on the facts of your case, a lawyer can help you snag a hefty financial compensation award for your pain and suffering. The amount awarded for pain and suffering is typically multiplied by the cost of medical bills. This amount is multiplied by a number ranging one through five. The number scales the seriousness of the injury. Learn more facts here.

Formula for Personal Injury Settlements

Besides having a traditional formula for calculating pain and suffering awards, there are other formulas that insurance companies use in such cases. The amount of your medical bills added with the wages you lost during your recovery will also be awarded to you, if you win your case.  Read about How Long to File an Accident Personal Injury Claim here.

If You Lose

If you lose your case, you will have to pay all of your legal fees yourself. You will also have to pay your own medical bills. 

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