Breaking news reports share that a small plane crash landed into a parking lot just outside of the South Florida airport this Friday afternoon. Allegedly it first side swiped a building and then landed in their parking lot rather than in the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. According to the Huffington Post, this crash landing resulted in the death of the three people who were aboard the plane. City official’s state that the small twin-engine plane took off only 10 minutes prior to its fatal decent; leaving no one aboard alive.

Flames are filing the air near the site after the plane landed on at least vehicles causing a large explosion and firefighters are still at this time working to put out the fire near Powerline Road on the 5300 block. An airport spokesperson explains that the plane reported problems right after their take off, and chose to circle back and land the plane in order to address their concerns. Unfortunately, the plane never made it to the airport and the victims aboard will never be able to return home to their friends and family.

Though aviation accidents are not a regular occurrence when comparing to how often car accidents happen, they are still a reality today. Many people are injured and killed in plane accidents on a regular basis and according to studies in 2010 there were a total of 130 reported plane accidents causing the death of an estimated 1,000 victims. These numbers are terrifying, and can be a result of numerous causes. In many cases, product liability is the biggest concern, as when one small technical error occurs, the entire machine can be affected poorly. Driver error, manufacturing problems and more can also be the cause of the accident that injury and kill so many innocent people.

It is important to realize that every plane is equipped with a “black box” that records all data regarding the plane and the happenings leading up the accident. If this can be recovered, your attorney can use this helpful information in order to prove your claim. In the event these are not recovered, by hiring a skilled attorney from our firm we will find whatever avenues of information are available in order to build you a strong case.

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