Types of Financial Compensation for Accidents

Hand Picking an Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

When you hire an accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale, you could potentially receive financial compensation. Victims of accidents are awarded different types of financial amounts for different reasons. Most victims have all of their medical treatments and bills paid for in full. Other victims receive payment for future treatments needed to boost their recovery. Those who missed out on wages because of their accident can expect to be awarded lost wages. The amount of lost wages you will receive will only be the amount of pay you missed out on during your recovery. See further information here.

Pain and Suffering Awards

Pain and suffering is awarded by rating the severity of the injury on a scale of one to five. Five is the most intense type of injury. The more serious an injury is, the higher it will rank on the scale. Once a number has been awarded, it is multiplied times the total amount of the medical bills. The final number is how much pain and suffering a victim receives. Learn more about Avoid Going to Court with an Accident Attorney.


Qualifying for Pain and Suffering

Not all cases qualify for pain and suffering awards. You will have to discuss this aspect with your lawyer. 

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