What You Should Know About Oak River

Oak River is a designated neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. The neighborhood is located in Broward County, Florida, and covers an area of approximately 5 square miles. The population of Oak River is about 2000 residents. The neighborhood has a rich history of Fort Lauderdale and Florida at large. If you are in this neighborhood, visit museums and some historical moments nearby to learn about the history. Here are some popular places of historical significance to the city. Learn more here.

Stranahan House

This is the oldest remaining structure in Fort Lauderdale. The building was built by Stranahan, the richest man in the city during his time. This house acted as a trade center, mailing center, and a town hall. It also hosted the family of Stranahan. Learn more about Fort Lauderdale Is the Best Place to Study History.


King-Cromartie House

This home for built in 1907 by Edwin T. King for his family. The house is significant to the history of Florida since it is attached to the Georgia Civil war and the 1894 frost disaster. The material used to build this house were Dade County pines and timber joists. During its construction, Fort Lauderdale had only 20 residents. The house was moved by the Fort Lauderdale junior league in 1971 to save it from being demolished.

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