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Condominium Law AttorneyOwning a house compared to owning a condominium is very different in terms of what can be done to a home compared to a condominium. When you own a house you can basically do whatever you want to that house. If you want to paint that house or make any alterations to that house you can do so as long as it is not a violation of any code and you have the necessary permits to do so. Owning a condominium is quite different. When you own a condo you are part of an association or the HOA. Each HOA has certain rules that you need to follow along with paying membership dues to that HOA. This is usually on a yearly basis.

Whether you are buying or selling a condo or are an owner of a condominium with any sort of issue or dispute involving the property you should contact a condominium law attorney to help you understand and protect your legal rights and to reach a resolution to any legal matters.

Condominium Guidelines And Regulations

When you are a part of an HOA you have to follow certain guidelines. They may have pet restrictions, or there may be laws against renting your condominium. Homeowners that own condos do face problems that are related to Florida condo law and HOA issues. These could be any problems relating to a number of issues such as disaster recovery, noise complaints, mold due to the failure of the association to maintain prevention, injury claims in the common areas, illegal budget increases, noise complaints, as well as harassment by the board members.

When this occurs you do not want to face the HOA board alone. It is advisable to get a condominium law attorney that knows Florida condo law. An attorney can help you with any issue that you may have. If your condo has damage due to the failure of the HOA to maintain then an attorney will be able to help you legally in that matter. If there is a hurricane or other natural disaster and your condo needs to be fixed, it would be advisable to have an attorney help you with that as well.

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