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Property Damage Attorney In Fort Lauderdale

Property Damage in Fort LauderdaleWhen property damage strikes, the use of a trustworthy property damage attorney is key in terms of being able to pursue the damages that you may have a right to collect. Quite often, a property damage lawyer is one that will confront insurance companies and pursue a settlement that an owner is entitled to. In the event of a car accident, your lawyer will be able to help protect you from any liability for property damage.

Understanding The Process

In terms of property damage, the matter of determining liability is the first step in determining which direction to take a given case. This means establishing who is at-fault regarding a given property damage claim. The driver at-fault is responsible for all damages that may arise due to a car accident. Besides damages to the car itself, this could also include damages to a house, traffic sign, lamp post and more. Once the responsible party is determined, it is then important to establish jurisdiction and subsequently bring a suit against the individual or organization in question.

Being able to establish these goals early on is the mark of an effective, competent property damage attorney. One of the best ways to ensure that you are dealing with a competent lawyer is to consult with more than one and attempt to find some sort of consensus among the legal professionals being consulted.

Insurance Companies And The Hesitance To Pay

While insurance companies are great institutions in theory, there remains a lot of grey area right up until a given policyholder needs to collect on a claim. This is when a property damage lawyer can be invaluable because they are able to convey a sense of reality to a given insurance company and make sure that they are held to a given standard. This standard may be something that the insurance company disagrees with and wishes to go to court over. This is when negotiations come into play and an insurance company’s attorney and the plaintiff’s attorney will seek out a mutually beneficial settlement. In cases where property damage is clearly defined in terms of monetary value, then this can be an easy number to calculate.

When The Buck Stops

When working with a Fort Lauderdale Property Damage Attorney, having a clear timeline is not always possible and patience can be critical when trying to achieve a favorable outcome. If the opposing counsel picks up on a plaintiff being impatient or unwilling to go through a traditional legal process, they may propose a lower payout to give the plaintiff the ‘break’ they are looking for. This is when having a competent and experienced attorney becomes very important. The attorney is aware of how some actions may be perceived and will be able to advise a given client of how time can be used to ‘squeeze’ a given plaintiff.

How To Prepare

Most plaintiffs are not lawyers and have only a rudimentary understanding of the law. However, there are a couple of things they can do to give themself the best possible chance for a successful outcome in a property damage suit. Keeping accurate records, calling the police, taking pictures, gathering information from the person who caused the damage (when possible and pertinent), and remaining calm are all vital. Knowing what one’s out-of-pocket or ‘pain threshold’ is in terms of waiting for settlement money is also important, as it allows a given plaintiff to be able to give their lawyer and the justice system the time it needs to work.

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When large amounts of damage occur to your vehicle due to an accident, it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Having the right representation is important and a lawyer can help you pursue damages after an auto accident and help you get back on your feet. Contact us today.