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Negligent Security Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale

Negligent Security Lawyer in Fort Laduerdale​Negligent security occurs when an individual is hurt in public and on somebody else’s property. It is considered negligent security if the property owner or business did not provide adequate security to help prevent the crime or accident. The third-party has a legal obligation to provide a safe premises and should be held accountable if something happens on their property. These allegations should be used when a crime was committed because the person who committed the crime has not been caught or cannot pay any settlement amount that is reached.

What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent security alleges that a company did not properly secure a facility. Because the security team or services were negligent, someone could have been hurt or killed. Items could have been stolen, and you may be scarred for life because you were caught in the middle of a dangerous situation.

Negligent security could implicate the security guard, security company, the company that installed the security system, or the person who owns the building. This is a catch-all that could be used any time it is clear that a facility is not cared for properly.

What Caused The Negligent Security Incident And Who Was Involved?

You must detail the things that happened to you, your friend, or your family member. You might have been hurt, or someone might have been killed. If someone was killed, a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate. You may also feel traumatized, or you might have lost things that were stolen.

A security guard who was left all alone may claim negligent security because they were not provided much support. A company can claim that their security company was negligent, or the owner of a building may claim their tenants did not care for the building properly.

The security system may not have been serviced, or the cameras might produce a bad video feed that does not let you know what is going on around the building. Plus, an alarm that should have scared off any intruders might not have sounded because it is was installed improperly.

Provide Any Evidence That You Have Collected On Your Own

You may have collected a lot of evidence for the case, and you should give this information to the lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer will need to see this evidence before they take the case. Your negligent security lawyer will tell you if they believe the case has merit, and you can continue with your claim.

Your lawyer will continue to collect evidence for the case, and they will share everything they have found with you. You may learn information about your friends or family members that you do not want to know or shocking things you may not have been expecting. Your negligent security attorney should explain everything in great detail, and you should ask for in-person meetings to review any information that was found.

Your attorney will determine who is to blame for the crimes that were committed. You may sue several people or entities as a part of the case, and you can meet with them separately if you are willing to settle.

You Can Negotiate A Settlement

You can negotiate a settlement with the guidance of your negligent security lawyer. Your lawyer will file a lawsuit, or they will send a letter to the defendant to explain your intentions. You can schedule meetings with the defendant, but your lawyer should lead these meetings.

Your attorney understands how to negotiate a settlement, and they will use all the evidence they have gathered to support their settlement offer. You will see all the settlement offers, and you can approve any offer that you think is fair. Your lawyer is obligated to explain how strong each offer is, and your lawyer can explain what you should do if you do not want to go to court.

Did You Report The Crimes That Were Committed?

If crimes were committed when the incident occurred, your lawyer needs to know if you reported them. If you did not report these crimes, the court will want to know why. Plus, you could be accused of trying to cover up wrongdoing that would have been uncovered if the crimes were reported.

The police report will shed some light on the situation, and these reports can be used during the lawsuit. Your lawyer can even help you find the officer if they need to provide you with an affidavit for the settlement talks.

All these things will be used by your negligent security attorney to make a case, and you can even use this information in court. Above all else, you should report any crimes as soon as they happen.

Should You Go To Court?

You can go to court if you believe the settlement talks are not going well. Your attorney can explain what will happen when you go to court, and you should ask your attorney to prepare you to testify in court. It is important that you work with your attorney during the court case because you may choose to settle while the case is in court.

Also, you must be prepared for all the information in the case to go on the record. This might be a problem if you feel that unsavory information will come to light. Alert your attorney of anything that might be embarrassing or incriminating.

How Is The Money Handled?

The money from any settlement will be handled by your negligent security attorney. The money first goes in an escrow account which will be used to forward the money to you. The money is sent through the court to this escrow account. You will receive deposits at the arranged scheduled time.

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You should always consult with a Fort Lauderdale negligent security lawyer who understands the Florida court system and has experience working in this practice area as negligent security cases have become increasingly more common in Florida over the years. During your free consultation, it is important to provide all the details of how the business establishment failed to provide a safe environment that led to an injury or theft. Your negligent security lawyer will review your case and take into account all the details that you provide them. After your consultation, your negligent security attorney can then advise you if you have a legitimate case and the next steps for filing a lawsuit. Contact Negligent Security Lawyer Today.