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Brain Injury Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale

Brain Injury Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale​Mishaps happen all the time, although no one ever knows or even thinks they would be the victim of a fatal accident. We all go about our businesses without ever thinking such would happen to our loved ones or us. We live hoping that when we leave the house in one piece, we will return in that same whole one piece. Unfortunately, some people get caught midst of an incident where they suffer a fall, get hit by a car, or inflicted pain by a negligent person. Some falls and mishaps are easy to get up from, but the scale of injury is an extended-spectrum. One could sprain their leg, break an arm, tear their skin, or even worse off break their back. Well, in the very many different kinds of injuries, one of the most dreaded ones are the ones that cause a brain injury.

The eventuality of getting a brain injury due to an accident caused by someone else is very traumatizing. Every kind of treatment included in handling a brain injury is very expensive. All the costs incurred medically could render even the richest bankrupt. With that said, one is to seek compensation from the person responsible. Moreover, this can be done by contacting a brain injury attorney. In this piece, one will learn of the procedures plus any other useful information to give them more insight into the matter, so read on.

Elements Of A Brain Injury Case In Fort Lauderlade

These are the fundamental pieces of a puzzle that build up a reasonable brain injury lawsuit that a brain expert lawyer will help one gather.


Duty Of Care

This element refers to a legal obligation that compels a person in a position of power to exercise a reasonable level of care so that others are not harmed. For example, a contractor in charge of a building site must provide its workers with all the gear and equipment for safe work.


Breach of duty

This part is established when the person with the task of care neglects their responsibility knowingly. Referring to the example above, the contractor not providing safety gear is a breach of duty.



Here is where the defendant’s negligence is the leading cause of the incident.



These are the effects that the victim is suffering and must have caused economic or non-economical losses.

Type Of Accidents That Are Most Common In Fort Lauderdale


Road Accidents

The first category of accidents is motor vehicle accidents. These include car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. The defendant, in these cases, is mostly the driver or road user who was at fault to cause the injury. Any traumatic brain injury attorney will attest that this is the leading cause of most brain injuries.


Medical Malpractice

The other form of accidents that a Florida brain injury attorney may use in the court of law is a brain injury from medical malpractice. This classification also involves injury during the birth of a child. When a doctor or any other medical practitioner deviates from their training, and it results in a brain injury, they can be sued.


At-work Accidents

Lastly, another incident, a brain injury lawyer might mention, is at work accidents. This happens when a worker suffers a brain injury while working, and the victim is unable to recover or even get compensated by the company.

Well, in as much as these are the most common type of accident, it does not mean that they are the only accidents recognized. Disasters come in different forms, as well. So much so, if one slip and fall due to someone’s carelessness and get a severe concussion resulting in a brain injury, they can still sue the one responsible.

The Kinds Of Compensation That A Fort Lauderdale A brain Injury Lawyer Can Get A Brain Injury Victim


Medical Bills

Brain injuries are perhaps one of the most expensive medical conditions. Even the necessary tests of scans and X-rays are very costly for anyone. For this, a victim has the right to get remunerated for their medical bills. All the money spent on medicine, surgery, therapy, up to and including ambulance charges is included in this compensation.


Pain and Suffering

A professional brain injury attorney will also include this compensation while they evaluate the coverage amount. A patient who is suffering from a brain injury might heal. However, if the accident was deadly, they are then subjected to a lifetime of hardships. Living with a brain injury that might have disabled them in one way or the other can be compensated.


Lost Wages

When an injury in the brain is too lethal such that the victim can no longer work, they are recompensed with lost wages. The trauma might also mean that the person might lose their job, and this is considered while tallying the amount in their compensation amount. The amount is to cater to the payments incurred from the injury. As well as the ones they may lose in the future.


Loss of Life's Enjoyment

People have activities that they enjoy doing during their free time, but once they got the brain injury, they do not have that luxury anymore. In this case, the court can repay them for this too. It also covers essential things like being able to walk their daughter to school or teaching her to ride a bike. A Florida brain injury attorney can, therefore, get a victim this compensation. It might not bring back the enjoyment, but it is something. One may get an electric wheelchair to escort their young one to the school bus instead, which is better than nothing. Half a loaf is indeed better than none!


Wrongful Death

Finally, wrongful death due to a brain injury is yet another lawsuit that can be filed. Indeed the victim may not be able to speak up for themselves, but their next of kin can sue for their loss. The family then pursues reimbursement for any financial damages they experienced, including medical bills, pain and suffering, and funeral costs, to mention a few.

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Brain Injury

Life takes a drastic turn turning lives into shambles, and asking for compensation through a Florida brain injury attorney

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No one ever wishes to become a victim of a brain injury. Even as one reads this, it is the last thing in mind. Life takes a drastic turn turning lives into shambles, and asking for compensation through a Florida brain injury attorney is the least that could happen to ease the blow. The money will not reset the plaintiff’s life back to normal, but it will go into making them cope better with their new unprecedented conditions. Furthermore, an able traumatic brain injury attorney should guide a victim through all these steps.