Cost of an Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Fees and Charges to Expect

When hiring a lawyer of any kind, you should expect to pay fees for their services. The fees and charges of each accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can vary greatly. Some personal injury lawyers don’t charge clients a dime unless a favorable ruling is handed down. Other accident lawyers take a portion of the awarded compensation amount as payment for their services. The percentages and amounts will be topics you will need to discuss with your lawyer before you agree to hire them. If you are awarded a large settlement, ten percent of the amount can add up to a sizable chunk of change. Discover more about Fort Lauderdale, FL here.

Retainer Charges

Some lawyers will want a retainer fee paid upfront to start their services. A retainer fee is pretty common in most areas of the law field. Not all lawyers require this, so if it is something you cannot afford, you will have other options. The retainer fees can vary greatly in amount. Be sure to ask about this type of fee when interviewing a lawyer. Discover facts about Areas Accident Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale can Help With.

Contract for Overall Costs

Sign a contract with your accident attorney regarding your fees. This will lock in your charges. 

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