Explore Central Fort Lauderdale through Art

What You Need to Know About Central Fort Lauderdale

Central Fort Lauderdale is a community redevelopment under chapter 163 of Florida Statutes. The neighborhood sits on a 344-acre piece of land bounded by the NE 13th and NE 16th streets. This is the latest neighborhood redevelopment in Fort Lauderdale. The neighborhood is strategically placed with respect to museums and other places of artistic significance. Find further facts here.

Why Is Art Important in Central Fort Lauderdale?

Art is a form of expression by artists. Through art, you can tell how people feel about the city. Artists use paintings and other forms of art to express a sense of pride for a city. Also, art tells a lot about the history and culture of the people. You can learn about the history of the people in Central Fort Lauderdale by looking at the art created by artists at different times. For most artists, art is a primary source of income. The funds generated at exhibitions or sale of art goes to support the livelihoods of artists. Read about Find the Best Places to Stay in City View here.

Where You Can Find Art in Central Fort Lauderdale

There are many museums and art galleries around Central Fort Lauderdale. These institutions display a wide variety of art from both local and international artists. Some popular art galleries in the neighborhood are Artblend Gallery and MAC Fine Art.

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