Study Art atThe Best Schools in Riverland

Riverland, also known as Riverland Village, is a neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. The neighborhood was annexed to the city in 2002 and has a population of about 4000 people. Riverland is in Broward County in Florida and covers an area of 0.3 square miles. Living in Riverland gives you a blend of the urban and suburban sense of lifestyle. The neighborhood is known for its unique arts created by local artists. The increased high number of artists is attributed to the close proximity to excellent art schools. Here are some of the popular art schools near Riverland. Visit this link for more information.

Peter Olsen Art Studio

This institution offers fine art classes for those who want to start painting. The studios are fun-filled and serve students of different ages. Other forms of art taught in this school include sculpting and pyrography. The school offers a good learning ground for both beginners and those who want to upgrade their artistic skills. Read about Sailboat Bend Has Some of The Best Residential Apartments here.

Kalos Music and Art School

This is one of the best art schools in Florida. The school offers a variety of classes with music and performing arts being the main item. The tutors in this school are professional musicians and artists in various fields. Students get to learn from the best people in the art and entertainment industry.

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