The legal process after the death of an individual, probate deals with property and possession distribution. A probate court aids in the determination of who the administrator of a will should be, providing legal documentation for the estate, and verifying the executorship of anyone who has been named in the will. A will must be probated when the will executor or administrator it is unclear, or when legal documents are needed to give access to property, bank accounts, and other aspects of the deceased individual’s life. A probate lawyer associated with the case in question must appear before the court to complete the probate process.

A Fort Lauderdale probate attorney can aid in determining whether or not a will should be brought before the probate court. While it may seem as if such a determination should be easy to ascertain, the reality is that the legal processes involved may be complex, and have hidden aspects not readily observable to the untrained eye.

A seemingly uncomplicated will may not necessitate probating, but it is wise to consult an attorney to address details that may create future difficulties. A Fort Lauderdale probate lawyer is a helpful teammate to have on one’s side when probate court is necessary. When financial documents are involved, the skills of a good lawyer are invaluable. An experienced probate attorney can help in many instances including acquiring and submitting the correct documentation, requesting a financial documentation waiver, or petitioning that the court to skip any waiting periods.

In addition to helping their client wade through the legal waters of probate court, a probate lawyer can write an estate plan or will for their client. A Fort Lauderdale probate attorney understands the appropriate language required, and is able to explain what should be added to the document. They may offer advice as to who may be appropriate to add to or remove from the document, and add provisions to aid in its execution. Upon completion of the will, it is filed in the probate lawyer’s office.

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